Why Choose Daovay GPS Tracker Factory?

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Daovay Technology is a leading IoT technology company specializing in industrial IoT applications. Committed to promoting the win-win cooperation of industrial partners with IoT products and technical services. 
Based on the IoT application of "location" and "temperature", it provides integrated software and hardware, PaaS+SaaS services for industry partners. 

Daovay mainly serves the industrial fields of fleet vehicle operation, asset management, food cold chain safety, and agricultural intelligent IoT. We have two operation centers, one is located in Shenzhen, and is mainly responsible for the R&D and production of terminal equipment. The other is located in Xi'an and is mainly responsible for software research and development.



Now, our products are sold to more than 30 countries, and in West Africa, a regional cooperative operation company has been established to provide smart transportation solutions.Daovay has established a cooperative operation company in Southeast Asia to provide digital services for local cold chain logistics, occupying an important position in the industry in the local market.

and the products are sold to dozens of overseas countries and regions, and regional cooperative operation companies have been established in Africa and Southeast Asia, occupying an important position in the local market.

Daovay GPS Tracker Factory has about 3000 square meters of building area, more than 300 production staff, 25 software and hardware engineers, and 35 people super sales team. we can provide strong technical support and professional sales services.

Have offline experience and overseas offices. 
Togo (African countries) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kuching) have local landing companies that we work with our customers, of which in Togo, Africa, we currently have 2-3 colleagues permanently stationed. 

One-stop customization of software platforms and hardware devices.  
We understand that some counterparts doing foreign trade, industry, and trade companies can do hardware ODM or OEM, but cannot do both software and hardware can be deeply customized development of these two aspects.        

10+ Years Experience
Established in 2016, GPS Tracker Factory supplies trackers and tracking solutions for more than 50 countries worldwide.

GPS Tracker manufactory
Annual output of 3 million units of equipment Cooperation factory has an a

nnual production of similar hardware products of 3 million units of scale. 

24 Hours Online Service
7 days *24 hours efficient service and support from the professional sales team, capable to handle all issues about agents, and distributors.

GPS tracker quality control

Incoming Material Inspection
Controllers and crystal oscillators must be inspected and tested at AQL level before incoming; batteries must be fully tested before installation.

In-line inspection
A complete inspection of battery cell replacement, discharge, and aging test.

Pre-shipment inspection/final inspection

Each machine goes through a manual installation test to pick out products with failed installation, errors in signal, and damaged batteries. To ensure the longevity and durability of each product. Transport each excellent product to the customer's hand.



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