Car Charger GPS Tracker

Car chargers are car chargers that are routinely powered through the car battery and are used in large numbers in the field of charging lithium batteries for various portable and handheld devices. The car charger provided by Daovay has vehicle GPS tracking function, which can track the location and usage of the vehicle in real time.

This is a car charger tracking device that looks like a car charger, the appearance and the general appearance of the car charger on the market, but it is a tracking and positioning device with powerful features.

Function of car charger GPS tracker

  • Remote monitoring: After installing the telephone communication card, you can clearly listen to the sound within 5 meters around the car charger GPS tracker.
  • Accurate positioning: Car charger GPS tracking device can be accurately positioned within 5 meters of error.
  • Anti-theft alarm: multiple security protection, vibration alarm, enhance vehicle security index.
  • Car charger GPS tracking device using cigarette lighter interface power supply, plug and play, convenient and fast.
  • Dual USB interface output for fast data transfer, is an efficient USB car charger GPS tracker

GPS tracking usb car charger manufacturing advantages

  • Daovay as a professional manufacturer of car charger GPS tracking device, we are able to provide high quality custom USB car charger GPS tracker service. Come and contact us now!
  • We can provide free samples of gps tracking usb car charger.
  • We can provide software system or APP for car charger GPS tracking device.

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