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GPS Tracker Pro

GPS Tracker Pro is an upgraded GPS tracker designed to keep fleet management safe by tracking the location of devices using GPS technology. GPS Tracker Pro works on smartphones, tablets and other GPS capable devices. This fleet asset gps tracking pro tool allows users to track the location of their devices in real time, view location history, and output vehicle management reports. This is useful for monitoring fleet assets, employees or valuable whereabouts.

GPS Tracker Pro and GPS Tracker are both software applications designed to track the location of a device using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. However, GPS Tracker Pro is a more advanced version of GPS Tracker with additional features.

GPS Tracker Pro VS GPS Tracker :

1, GPS tracker pro can be connected to 232 or 485 serial communication, optional more.

2, GPS tracker pro has two lines of high and low levels that can be customized according to actual needs.

3, GPS tracker pro battery can be expanded to 1000mAh.

4, GPS tracker pro version of the waterproof level up to support IP67.

In short, for fleet asset tracking with high functional requirements, it is still recommended to choose GPS tracker Pro, which can provide more functional requirements to be more efficient in protecting fleet tracking and asset management. If it is only basic location tracking, directly choose GPS Tracker. If you can't make a direct choice, you can contact us to give you more professional advice in choosing GPS Tracker Pro or GPS Tracker on.




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