What kinds of locator positioning methods

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General common positioning methods: base station positioning, satellite positioning, Bluetooth positioning, and WIFI positioning There is a mixture of positioning.

1、Base station positioning: When the car enters the area without a GPS signal, there is usually another auxiliary positioning method - base station positioning, which is one of the reasons why many products are boasted that they can be positioned indoors. Yes, base station positioning can indeed be used indoors, but you know what? The error of base station positioning, is much larger than the error of GPS positioning, usually between tens to hundreds of meters, sometimes greater, even more than 1000 meters, imagine, a few hundred meters range to find the car is still difficult ...... In addition, we know that the accuracy of base station positioning depends on the base station, the same as our cell phones, but if beyond the service range or the number of base stations in the location of the vehicle is insufficient, it is impossible to LBS positioning, and very often, when in the underground parking lot, our cell phones rarely have a signal, so the GPS locator can be launched is the same.

2、Satellite positioning: The principle of Beidou positioning is the same as that of GPS, which needs to receive satellite signals for positioning, GPS can't be used indoors, and Beidou also can't.

3、Bluetooth positioning: Bluetooth positioning is mainly used for small-scale positionings, such as single-level halls or warehouses. For mobile terminal devices holding integrated Bluetooth functions, as long as the Bluetooth function of the device is turned on, the Bluetooth indoor positioning system will be able to determine its location. This shows that it does not apply to car positioning, let alone indoors.

4, WIFI positioning: I will not talk about the principle of WiFi positioning, in short, it is necessary to have a WiFi signal to work. Indoor WIFI signal is still very common, but with the development of society, now many rural areas also have WIFI. And in those large parking, lots WiFi signal is also very common, so there is no need to worry about the purchase can not be used

5, hybrid positioning: hybrid positioning is a combination of wifi data and base station positioning. wifi positioning is such that when the phone is connected to the wifi, the provider will record the mac address of this wifi, and at the same time record the physical address it gets, so that the next time the user is connected to this wifi, the phone will be positioned to this address. In the case that there is more wifi around and more data recorded by the provider, it can achieve mutual corroboration.

In addition, different map providers use slightly different methods, so we can observe the positioning accuracy and precision of different maps to choose a more suitable positioning method.


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