Wireless GPS Tracker

With the development of GPS car tracker market demand, the main classification of GPS tracker wired GPS tracker and wireless GPS tracker two categories.

Wireless GPS car tracker is the entire device without external wiring, do not obtain external power supply, the use of the device will be limited by the built-in power supply usually in 3 ~ 5 years. Therefore, wireless GPS vehicle trackers are generally of the ultra-long standby type, which can be used for 3 to 5 years without battery replacement or charging.

Features of wireless GPS vehicle tracker

  • The wireless GPS tracker is small in size and has good concealment to prevent malicious dismantling and loss of assets.

  • Small wireless gps tracker with high strength magnet can be adsorbed in any hidden position of the vehicle equipment to prevent the loss of vehicles and assets.

  • The time of the wireless GPS tracking device has controllability. Generally, the device will enter the dormant state when the transmission signal is over, which can be flexibly adjusted and further improve the tamper-proof of the device.

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