Car Gps Locator Often Encountered Failures And Solutions

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一, can not be accurately located (the location of the vehicle is not correct)
Failure causes.
l GPS antenna is shielded.
l incorrect installation of GPS antenna.
l Antenna or connecting line failure.
l The vehicle position is too close to the building or bridge or mountain, and the signal is unstable.
① Exclude the shielding.
② Adjust the antenna position.
③ Replace the antenna.
④ Let the vehicle in the open space will return to normal.

二, the car's gps positioning signal is not good
Cause of failure: can not effectively receive the terminal positioning signal, bad to satellite radio waves. The positioning signal is not stable
Solution: Check whether the terminal positioning is blocked by the metal material layer, whether the placement is correct, fix the installation direction and installation position, and check whether the terminal supports the network signal.

三, the locator can not be turned on
Cause of failure: low battery power
Solution: Connect external power, ensure good contact, replace the battery, or charge in time.

四, Cause of failure: Fuse blown
Solution: Contact the dealer to replace the fuse of the same specification
Fourth, the command format error

五,Cause of failure: wrong instruction format
Solution: Check whether the instruction format is correct, re-edit the instruction and send the instruction again to modify
Cause of failure: send instructions do not reply
Solution: Make sure the terminal can be connected to the network normally and open the terminal SM card SMS function

六, gps can not connect to the network
Cause of failure: SIM card is not installed
① test SIM card, reinstall SIM card metal surface dirt, please wipe with a clean cloth test can not connect to the network SIM card damage or invalid, please replace the valid SIM card beyond the GSM service area, please move to the network service provider service area
② IP port setting is not correct
③ APN port setting is incorrect
④ The platform device number is not entered correctly
Cause of failure: Weak signal
Solution: Please move to the place with a strong signal and retry to recharge

七, GPS offline query location can not be
Cause of failure: SIM card does not open GRPS service
Solution: Please contact the network service provider to open the GPRS service

八,Cause of failure: SIM card fee arrears
Solution: Recharge the cost

九, the host power interface has power, but the host does not work
Cause of failure: shutdown (call the terminal SIM card number, prompt shutdown, can not be connected)
Solution: power supply and ACC line without power, check and repair the line.
Power supply and ACC line power, terminal host damage to replace the terminal host.



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