What Is the Difference Between GPS Navigation and GPS Locator and GPS Instrument?

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Perhaps many people often hear the words GPS locator, GPS navigation, and GPS instrument. But they don't quite understand the difference between GPS locator, GPS navigation and GPS instrument, which are often vague. So, what are these three devices? What are the differences that we don't know about?

GPS Navigation

Anyone who owns a car knows that our car is usually equipped with an original GPS navigation accessory. Through the GPS navigation system, it can help the driver to plan the driving trajectory of the vehicle, present the driving path of the vehicle to the driver intuitively and clearly, and help the driver to reach the destination safely and quickly.

GPS Locator

Like GPS navigation, although there is a positioning function, the GPS locator mainly plays the role of anti-theft positioning. The user can view the real-time positioning data of the vehicle collected by the locator through the service platform, play back the historical driving track of the locator, and cooperate with the intelligent alarm function of the locator to realize the purpose of monitoring the vehicle.

GPS instrument

The GPS instrument is also known as the engineering GPS instrument. We can also know from the name that the instrument is mostly used for the measurement of engineering coordinates, etc., and is not used for vehicle positioning.

For ordinary car owners, they only need to understand the difference between GPS navigation and GPS locator and select the corresponding positioning tool according to their needs.

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