How to Improve Mileage Data Accuracy

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In the traditional management practice of freight logistics enterprises, the calculation of freight rates by mileage is the most important way to assess drivers at the end of the month, that is to say, the accuracy of mileage data directly affects the assessment effect. At present, there are three main ways to obtain mileage data.

Estimate mileage empirically

This is the most common way some micro and small businesses determine their mileage. The mileage is estimated by experienced managers, but this method has obvious drawbacks. One is that it is difficult to obtain the general approval of drivers because it is a personal opinion. It is difficult to form a unified standard, and it is difficult to convince all parties, and conflicts are prone to occur. At this time, the company usually suffers a little in order to make peace with the people, and cedes the benefits to the driver to achieve the purpose of management. ; Second, it is estimated by experience that it is only suitable for familiar routes that have been run. For routes that have never been visited at all, it is not easy to estimate it.

GPS tracker

The mileage data of the computer that comes with the vehicle shall prevail.

Although it is said that every vehicle has a stopwatch and mileage statistics can be performed, there are many companies that do not buy stopwatch mileage accounts. There are two reasons for this: First, the stopwatch itself. The working principle of the stopwatch is to calculate the final mileage according to the result of multiplying the radius of the wheel and the number of revolutions, in which the radius of the wheel is a variable factor, including the size of the wheel air pressure, the old and new wear of the tire, and the model of the tire will affect the size of the wheel radius. In addition, the influence of wheel air pressure is extremely obvious. If the number of rotations of the upper wheel is generally larger, it will inevitably cause the accumulation of errors. The longer the number of laps, the greater the error. Second, the stopwatch can be adjusted artificially. Under the management mode based on mileage as the main assessment basis, drivers will inevitably try to increase the mileage of the stopwatch in order to obtain more benefits, and exchange higher mileage for additional profits. Now, the business of adjusting the stopwatch for drivers in exchange for compensation has long existed in the market. It takes less than 100 yuan and more than 10 minutes to adjust the stopwatch data to the result desired by the driver. This is an open secret in the industry. Now, everyone is not surprised, no wonder the managers can't believe the mileage data of this stopwatch.

Using satellite technology to obtain mileage data, take GPS mileage as an example.

With the widespread application of information technology in the industry, the method of obtaining mileage data by technical means has emerged. The mileage collection method based on GPS technology is a typical application of modern information technology in logistics information collection. The collection principle of GPS-based mileage data is to use the method of "breaking the whole into zero". First, install the vehicle satellite positioning terminal for positioning on the vehicle to continuously obtain the longitude and latitude information of the vehicle during the driving process. Calculate the mileage of a small segment after the vehicle has traveled, and finally aggregate these segment mileage into the mileage data of the entire line. Of course, the denser the latitude and longitude information is collected, the more accurate the final mileage will be.

In conclusion

Comparing the above three information acquisition methods, the information acquisition method relying on GPS technology has higher information accuracy and is obviously better than the other two. The mileage data collection process based on GPS technology relies on open and credible technical means, and all interested parties cannot access the core data for modification during the whole process, which can maintain the absolute accuracy and fairness of the data. The mileage data can better reflect the real situation, and more importantly, all interested parties can be convinced, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of management, maintain the relationship between the cadres and the group, and improve the efficiency of enterprise management.


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