How GPS Realizes Real-Time Supervision of Electric Vehicles

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As we all know, the best way to travel close by in today's society is to ride an electric vehicle, which is not only convenient and fast, but also green and environmentally friendly, so the penetration rate is getting higher and higher. But the headache is that electric vehicles are easily stolen and difficult to retrieve. Another problem is that the number of vehicles is huge, and illegal driving often occurs, which is difficult to manage. Therefore, the role of the electric vehicle GPS tracker is extremely important. But people may still have questions: what is the role of electric vehicle GPS trackers? How to achieve anti-theft?

How to understand the electric vehicle GPS tracker?

The electric vehicle GPS locator is responsible for collecting the information of electric vehicles, such as real-time location, driving route, driving direction, driving speed, etc., and sending it to the server through wireless transmission. Finally, the user logs in to the platform or mobile APP through a computer or smartphone to view it. Therefore, no matter where you are, no matter how far you are from your electric bicycle, you can monitor and manage your car in real time.

Features of electric vehicle GPSr tracker

Real-time positioning

The terminal equipment adopts the dual positioning mode of Beidou and GPS, which can realize 7×24 hour guarding. No matter where you are, you can check the status of your vehicles through the computer platform or mobile APP.

Power failure alarm

The device has a built-in backup battery. When the terminal power supply is illegally cut off, the electric vehicle GPS tracker will immediately push the power failure alarm information, prompting the user to deal with it in time.

electric vehicle GPS tracker

Electronic fence

Users can set up an electronic fence through the platform or APP. When the electric vehicle enters or leaves the specified area, an alarm message will be pushed immediately.

Track playback

Users can repeatedly view the historical data of electric vehicles, such as driving route, driving speed, and staying time. In the event of a theft, this data can effectively assist the police in retrieving the car.

Remote power off

With a relay, the electric vehicle GPS tracker can remotely operate the vehicle to power off. When encountering an emergency, the user can control the vehicle not to start by issuing a remote fuel and power cut-off command through the platform or mobile APP. A recovery command can also be issued to restore the normal operation of the vehicle.

Do you need an electric vehicle GPS tracker?

Electric vehicle GPS trackers can effectively protect vehicle safety to a large extent. Special attention is that when installing GPS locators for electric vehicles, we must pay attention to concealment. Only in this way can the role of the electric vehicle GPS locator be brought into play maximum. If you need to buy a GPS locator, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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