What Is the Significance of GPS Tracker for Fleet Management

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Freight transportation is an important part of the logistics industry and a relatively large part of the logistics industry's expenses. In the traditional freight mode, the cost is often very difficult to control because there is no supervision after the freight vehicle leaves. In this case, how much cost is all up to the drive. The cost of living and fuel costs are often high. In this case, if the vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker, the cost can be controlled and there are some other benefits. Today we will take Daovay's freight GPS system as an example to talk about what kind of benefits freight GPS can bring to logistics companies.

What is a freight GPS tracker?

The so-called freight GPS is a GPS locator installed on a truck. The GPS locator can collect the information of the transport vehicle and upload it to the server, so that the enterprise can understand the trajectory of the whole transport process. For example, companies or individuals can use Daovay's freight GPS platform to understand the transportation trajectory of each vehicle and can check in real time.

Such a model will bring the following benefits:

1. The tracking of goods through the positioning of the goods transportation trajectory on the Daovay platform not only achieves the transparency of the freight process, making the distribution of goods more secure but also solves the freight blind spot in the past logistics and transportation process.

2. The installation of freight GPS solves the problem of difficult supervision of transportation vehicles. Enterprises can grasp the transportation status of vehicles in time through the positioning system platform, which greatly improves the power level of transportation vehicles and the ability to supervise transportation drivers.

3. Enterprises monitor freight vehicles through the platform of Daovay, which is convenient for the verification of vehicle staff and avoids the occurrence of bad situations such as private use of public vehicles, private work, and random reimbursement.

4. Under the supervision of Daovay freight GPS, together with Daovay's supervision of goods and drivers, problems in the freight process can be discovered in a timely manner, which allows enterprises to receive timely information and respond quickly, reducing the follow-up impact of problems.

Do you need a freight GPS?

Through the application of Daovay's freight GPS in the logistics industry, we can see that such supervision has many benefits, which not only improves the comprehensive benefits of logistics and freight, but also promotes the development of the logistics industry in the direction of intelligence, service and standardization. Such a development is beneficial to the logistics and transportation industry. It can help enterprises to track and record the whole process of logistics and freight, and record the actual transportation status of the actual vehicle, the transportation status of the goods, and the trajectory of the transportation location in real time, which improves the visual management of the whole process of vehicle transportation and help the high-quality development of the enterprise's transportation business. If you need more information, please contact us directly.


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