How to Effectively Control Fuel Consumption in Freight Logistics

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Anyone who runs transportation knows that the cost of fuel consumption is an important aspect of transportation costs. Some industries even account for 70%-80% of the total cost, so effectively controlling fuel consumption expenditure is particularly necessary to reduce cost consumption and improve corporate profits.

Factors affecting fuel consumption

So, how to effectively manage fuel consumption? To solve the problem of fuel, we must first understand the factors that affect fuel consumption. First, vehicle construction and fuel quality. The above two factors are beyond the control of the driver, so we will not discuss them. Second, the driver's driving habits. Third, the difference in road conditions. Fourth, the problem of stealing oil changes are caused by human factors.

Driving habits

Good driving habits of drivers have a very direct and obvious effect on reducing vehicle fuel consumption. Drivers insist on economical cruise speed during driving and do not overtake vehicles can significantly reduce fuel consumption, etc. These principles are well known in the transportation industry. The problem is simply relying on the driver's self-consciousness.

Road condition

Generally speaking, companies will choose routes with better road conditions as their common transportation routes, but often in the process of transportation, when there is a conflict between the interests of drivers and the interests of the enterprise, drivers will naturally choose behaviors that benefit their own side, resulting in the interests loss of the enterprise.

Stealing oil changes caused by human factors

As oil prices continue to rise, stealing and changing oil has become a source of extra profits for some unscrupulous drivers in the industry. Some unscrupulous drivers in the industry earn profits by opening the fuel tank to steal fuel and sell it or by replacing high-quality fuel with inferior fuel in exchange for the price difference.

Importance and necessity of transportation process management

The fundamental reason for the above two situations is that the information in the transportation process is not transparent to the enterprise managers. It is because the driver clearly knows that even if he takes actions that damage the interests of the enterprise, the enterprise has no way of knowing it, nor can it punish and manage it. The driver believes that as long as the vehicle goes out, everything is up to him, whether to change the oil without speeding, whether to go around or not.

It is this kind of luck that causes a huge waste of transportation costs, the most obvious being the high fuel consumption. If we can track every detail of the fuel quantity and the route trajectory of the vehicle in real time through some means, and know the fuel consumption and transportation route at every moment, it can greatly restrict the The randomness of the driver in the driving process serves the purpose of shocking and managing the driver.

With the continuous maturity of modern information technology, this idea has become a reality. Applying modern information technology, including satellite positioning, radio frequency identification, wireless network, data storage, wireless sensing and other new technologies, the location information, speed information, driving direction, surrounding environment, route information, fuel consumption information, etc. Real-time collection, real-time processing, and transmission to the Internet through a wireless network, so that both the carrier and the cargo owner can know the latest situation of the cargo information and vehicle information at the first time, so that the transportation process is truly online, transparent, and controllable, to achieve transparent management of the transportation process.

Of course, in order to realize the transparency of transportation process management, it is necessary to install GPS trackers and other wireless sensing devices (including temperature and humidity detectors and gas detectors for video cameras for collecting image data, door sensors for collecting door switch status, oil dipstick for detecting oil level data, etc.)

The cargo information and vehicle information in the process of vehicle transportation are collected through the above equipment and finally transmitted to the internet through the wireless network.

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In conclusion

Through the above transparent management ideas, all the concerns in the process of vehicle transportation are displayed on the public monitoring and management platform, which not only plays a role of supervision but also achieves the purpose of management. But we must be clear that technical means cannot solve all problems at any time, it can only serve management, and only by cooperating with professional and perfect management means, combined with the specific practice of the enterprise, and the combination of theory and practice, can it play a role. Only by revealing the true value of technology can we truly solve the problems encountered by the enterprise in the process of moving forward. This is the case with the fuel consumption problem, as well as other problems. Only by adhering to the concept of transparent management, insisting that supervision and management should be handled with both hands, and both hands should be hard. This time is the fundamental idea and fundamental method to solve the problem.

In addition, it needs to be reminded that there is no single standard for any management based on people, especially driver management. Drivers cannot be regarded as the opposite of enterprise managers, and management should be enforced by means of administrative orders, which will inevitably lead to driver friends. It's more detrimental to the business in the long run. Enterprises can only be people-oriented, learn to think in a different position, understand the hardships and difficulties of drivers and friends, and reward diligent and lazy people with a fair and just attitude. I believe that the enterprise will really come alive.


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