What makes a wireless GPS tracker better than other options

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When you shop for GPS trackers, you will come across several options. A wireless GPS tracker can be the best among them, considering the top 5 qualities that add additional value. So, here we will discuss those qualities so you can decide whether it is the right choice for you or not.

Top 5 qualities of a wireless GPS tracker that makes it better than others.

Here is an overview of the top 5 qualities of a wireless GPS tracker that will make it better than others.

1. It comes with a strong magnet to be installed in a hidden way.

The enclosure in which this tracker is closed to house all the electronic components contain a strong magnet. This magnet is installed there to make the tracker stick to metallic surfaces like the car's chassis. It means that you can easily install the tracker in a hidden way that will be unconventional, so nobody can tell where you have installed the tracker.

2. No wire is attached so that nobody can dismantle it from the car.

Thieves usually know the wiring schemes of different cars. That’s why whenever you install a tracker in your car, they simply disconnect it by removing a wire or two. That’s not the case with this tracker since it has no wires attached. So, locating the tracker will be difficult, even if your vehicle is stolen. Secondly, there will be no way they can turn off this tracker.

3. It is extremely small, so it can be carried with you anywhere you go

You don’t necessarily need to install it in your car, as many other options exist. From carrying it in your pocket for added safety to attaching it to your bicycle or motorbike, you have endless possibilities for using this tracker. That is usually not the case with other trackers, no matter how portable, small, and power efficient.

4. There is a built-in battery that can last for years

One of the most surprising things about this tracker is its built-in battery. This battery does not need frequent charging or replacement. Due to the tracker being extremely power efficient, this battery can easily last around 3 to 5 years. So, once you install it somewhere, you can forget about the battery for years without any issues.

5. Water-resistant construction makes it good for exterior installation.

The water resistance makes a wireless GPS tracker perfect for installing on bikes and the exterior of your car. These trackers are made with water-resistant cases, which protect them from moisture to a certain extent. Usually, going through water or normal rainy conditions won't do any damage to your tracker. Hence, you can track your vehicle while enjoying peace of mind.

Find out which wireless GPS tracker is the best for you.

A wireless GPS tracker comes in different variations. Some give different tracking ranges, while others differ depending on battery size. So, it is always better to contact professionals as they may guide you about which is the right pick for you.


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