Outsmart car thieves with a car charger GPS tracker

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Car thieves are getting smarter with every passing day. These days the first thing they do is dismantle the tracker system from your car, which gives them additional time to steal your car. A car charger GPS tracker can be your great choice to outsmart such thieves.

What is a car charger GPS tracker?

A car charger GPS tracker is a product that combines both the GPS tracker and car charger in one product. It is operated by installing it in the cigarette lighter port, just like a regular car charger. Some products provide the same benefit as the charger.

Top 5 benefits of a car charger GPS tracker?

Here are the top 5 reasons you must try this GPS tracker instead of other ones that take the tedious installation process

1. All the functionalities of a normal car charger

The best thing about this tracker is that it functions like your normal car charger. Say that you want to charge your smartphone inside the car; this charger will be perfect for your assistance. If someone else wants a charger, they can use it without knowing its hidden purpose. Its 2-in-1 technology sets it apart.

2. Real-time data transmission

While it does 2 jobs simultaneously, this tracker ensures no lack in either. It provides real-time data transmission over 2G technology so you can always stay aware of the location of your vehicle. With live location data, you can easily track the movement of your car, and catching it if it ever gets stolen will be easier than ever.

3. Telephone communication feature

Another amazing benefit of this tracker is that it comes with a telephone communication feature. Since the tracker is backed by 2G technology, you can call the tracker and listen to the conversation inside the car. That can help in spying on anyone inside the car. In case of theft, you can efficiently get details about your car's transit.

4. No additional wiring is needed, so easy installation.

It is the easiest one you can install in your car among all the different types of trackers available. It provides a plug-and-play experience where you just need to insert it into the cigarette lighter port, and it will start working right away. This installation also makes the look of this tracker very deceiving since nobody can tell what functions it might be performing apart from being a car charger.

5. Built-in battery

While the car is running, it gets power from the engine. However, when the engine stops, the tracker gets power from the built-in battery that can keep it on for days without any issues. That way, you get better reliability in addition to the long tracking time. On top of everything, your car's battery does not get degraded due to a tracker.

Learn more about the car charger GPS trackers.

There are different types of car charger GPS trackers available in the market. These differ in their basic features and even the tracking features. So, before you pick any of those, you must get a technical overview of the tracker for the best usage and experience.


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