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TPMS Sensor

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor monitors tire pressure and temperature.

  • forecast leakage
  • reduce tire wire
  • prolong tire life
  • improve fuel efficiency and increase traffic safety

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System and it is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure in the vehicle's tires. A car TPMS sensor is a small device attached to the valve stem of each tire that constantly measures the air pressure in the tires.

Smart car TPMS sensor types:

TPMS sensor system can be divided into two types: one is indirect tpms sensor system, which is to determine whether the tire is abnormal by the tire speed difference; the other is direct tire pressure monitoring system, by adding four tire pressure monitoring sensors inside the tires, the tire air pressure and temperature are monitored automatically in real time during the car stationary or driving, and the tire high pressure, low pressure and high temperature are alarmed in time to avoid the tire Failure caused by traffic accidents, to ensure the safety of driving. 

Installation of smart car TPMS sensors

  1. Determining the type of TPMS sensor applicable to the vehicle, we offer smart automotive TPMS sensors for most brands of vehicles on the market;
  2. Remove the Wheel: After pressing the tires, place the tires onthe turntable and prepare to disassemblethe tires.First, remove the outer tire opening from the rim. When removing thetire, be sure to place the tire pressuresensor (valve) at a position about 20 cm infront of the crowbar (turn clockwise).Afterremoving the outer side of the tire, welifted the tire up without moving the steelrim.
  3. lnstall a New Sensor: Use a screwdriver to separate the sensorbody from the valve stem. Install the newsensor Install the sensor on the special Aair nozzle with fixing screw while the positionof the sensor is paralle1 to the hub arcsurface which is fixed reliably.
  4. Install Tire: When installing the tires,apply 1ubricantevenly on the tire openings of the newtires. Then use a tire pressure gauge toinflate the tire through the valve.
  5. Check that the TPMS sensor is properly programmed and connected to the vehicle's electronic control module. Some vehicles require the TPMS sensor to be reprogrammed to ensure it communicates properly with the vehicle's electronic control system. If you are unsure how to properly install and program the TPMS sensor, you can contact us for a professional installation guidance service.

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