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GPS Tracker

Daovay is a professional GPS tracker manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide accurate vehicle GPS tracker that can meet the precise tracking of small car, trucks, motorcycles and so on, protecting company assets while saving operational costs. If you want to wholesale and customize vehicle GPS tracker, you can contact us, we already have rich experience as a vehicle GPS tracker service provider can give you better service experience.

GPS Tracker For Sale

GPS tracker is a terminal with built-in GPS module and mobile communication module, which is used to transmit the positioning data obtained by GPS module to a server on the Internet through mobile communication module (gsm/gprs network), so that the tracking and positioning of the car can be realized. GPS tracker is a GPS satellite positioning tracking terminal based on GPRS ( data traffic ) + SMS ( short message ) communication method, using the GSM public network with high stability guarantee, completely absorbing all the advantages of this communication method such as fast access response, always online, billing by traffic.

Types of GPS trackers

  • Handheld tracker suitable for personal use, easy to carry.

  • Car tracking device for car use, remote management of car fuel, anti-theft recommended.

We will mainly talk about the car GPS tracker

Car alarm GPS tracking device has the functions of positioning, monitoring, listening, anti-theft, anti-robbery, navigation, etc. The car equipped with GPS car anti-theft system has a very low rate of lost cars.

Daovay is a professional vehicle GPS tracker system service provider in China, focusing on solving the location tracking of IoT cars. We provide various vehicle GPS trackers such as small car GPS tracker, car alarm GPS tracker, etc. Welcome to contact us and get the vehicle monitoring system wholesale price !

Product features of gps car tracker

Mini car anti-theft dedicated GPS positioning tracker, that is, the car tracker is only the size of a matchbox, no need to dismantle the car line, and the installation is simple

Real-time tracking of vehicles to retain the vehicle route for three months, can print address statements, automatic real-time positioning of vehicles, can be timed in time.

In case of emergency, such as theft, robbery or theft of the target vehicle, you can use your cell phone or computer to check the location of the vehicle, and real-time tracking and positioning of the vehicle's movement route to quickly retrieve the lost vehicle.

Advantages of Vehicle GPS Tracker System

  • Reducing operating costs: A large part of reducing operating costs is using GPS to find the most efficient route to your destination, and also to efficiently manage vehicle fuel

  • Real-time positioning and timed positioning: The gps vehicle tracker device can track in real time and at regular intervals according to demand, and report the current location information of the transport vehicle at regular intervals

  • Remote Listening: Authorized numbers can call the device number at any time to listen to the sound around the vehicle in real time. 

Choose wholesale China car GPS tracker, recognize Daovay, Daovay is a professional manufacturer and supplier of GPS tracker for mini transport vehicles, which can provide high quality GPS tracker for small vehicles.

Factors to consider when choosing a wholesale gps tracker

People are affected by many factors in the process of buying and wholesale GPS trackers, and most always fail to choose the right GPS tracker for their vehicles.

  • Price: Price is a factor that directly affects the wholesale, as a well-known Chinese vehicle GPS tracker manufacturer and service provider, we provide vehicle GPS tracker at low prices, no middlemen to earn the difference, you can give the best wholesale price!
  • Device size: We have various device sizes, 245*125*41mm~4*2.5*7.5cm, and we also accept customization
  • Positioning accuracy: usually GPS car tracker can provide accurate positioning information and the surrounding environment, but in the case of GPS interference will have data abnormalities, but for this situation our professional vehicle tracker can provide data diagnosis and historical information to facilitate better troubleshooting
  • Battery life: Usually the battery life of car GPS tracking and positioning devices is three years, and our newly developed solar GPS locator can provide convenient use
  • Popular types: bicycle GPS tracking device, car GPS tracker, fuel monitoring device, wallet tracker, mini car tracker, etc.

Daovay, as a well-known vehicle GSP tracking equipment manufacturer in the Chinese market, has years of experience serving fleet management companies, and is able to provide professional customized services and preferential wholesale prices, as well as advanced technical guidance, choose us as your manufacturer or supplier, and let's work together to win!


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